Our Team

K2 Dronotics, LLC is a start-up drone service company based in Anchorage and serving all of Alaska. Our team has decades of combined experience conducting remote operations safely and effectively across engineering, piloting, and now UAVs.


Ben Kellie | CEO & Chief pilot

Ben has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from UAF as well as an M.S. in mechanical engineering from the Ohio State University. Before returning home to Alaska, he worked in rocketry designing and operating launch sites and helped run the first missions to return a first stage from orbit.


NICK KELLIE | MIssion & Operations

Nick has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from University of Alaska Fairbanks and was a lead field engineer developing gas pipelines on the North Slope. He has years of experience designing and conducting tests in remote Alaska and well as developing mechanical hardware.

Who we are


K2D was founded by Ben and Nick Kellie, both born-and-raised Alaskans who grew up flying across the state delivering groceries, building supplies, and fuel to rural villages. We understand that working in remote Alaska takes more than just showing up - it takes careful planning to do the job right the first time when you have limited tool access, no cell service, and a million other changing variables.

As engineers, we also understand that our data gathering and analysis tools are what help us stand out. So we work hard to find new ways to apply our drones across the state while also working to develop new tools and modify our drones to survive Alaskan conditions. 

We are proud to be a part of the next generation of aviation in a state whose aviation history is at the core of its identity and excited to get to apply our engineering backgrounds to make remote Alaska more accessible.

What's with the name?

K2 - Two Kellie's

Here's the easy part: K2 is named for the brothers Ben and Nick Kellie, the founders.

Yeah, but "Dronotics?"

If we were fancy we'd tell you it's a portmanteau, but we're not so put plainly "dronotics" is a word we totally made up. It's simply drones + robotics which is the vision and goal for our company. It explains our purpose and what we do: flying drones and developing new tools to make them useful across remote Alaska.