Aerial mapping using UAVs (aka: drones) can make landfill monitoring much simpler, faster, and more efficient for communities both on the road system and off. Drones allow you to save money and time compared to your old monitoring methods, while also increasing data resolution.

Read on to learn more about how drones can help revolutionize landfill monitoring.

“There are over 215 municipal landfills in communities across the state. In addition, over 115 waste storage, treatment, or disposal facilities which support Alaskan industry”
– Alaska DEC, Solid Waste Program Website

Build a Visual History

Having a visual history of your facility is often a regulatory requirement but also helps with future planning, organization, and site familiarity. Drones are more economical, efficient, and safer than traditional manned aircraft for large sites and are so economical for small sites, that you may find it can replace your ground surveying crew while offering more comprehensive results.

Landfill orthomosaic image snip. Note: this is not full resolution, however full sample images are available.

We are able to gather 4K Ultra High Definition video, as well as high resolution photos, flying as low as 10 feet above the ground and as high as 400 feet for a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.

Your imagery can be viewed unprocessed as individual photos, or stitched into an orthomosaic, as seen to the left. These stitched images can be viewed standalone on any computer and be zoomed in at a high level or printed out as large canvases.

These images can also be delivered as a Google Earth file to overlay on existing satellite imagery where you can perform your own basic area and distance measurements.



  A digital volume and distance measurement being completed on the point cloud model for MatSu Landfill.

A digital volume and distance measurement being completed on the point cloud model for MatSu Landfill.

Measure the amount of material going into your facility each month without setting foot on the pile. Our data is gathered in 2-foot grid spacing, creating a detailed and highly accurate LAS point cloud and map of your landfill facility.

This leads to more accurate volumetric calculations and predictions for landfill accrual and remaining life. Ensure you are remaining within your permit's allotment and plan for the future.

Our data can be exported in a variety of formats, including LAS point cloud for your GIS software. Our photo-realistic 3D meshes are created as OBJ format, but we can export in standard CAD formats such as SolidWorks or AutoCAD Inventor.

Aerial Mapping for Archival Data

As part of the aerial mapping process, we create 3D mesh models showing your entire facility as it was on the survey date in photo-realism, as you can see embedded on the left (press play to load the model).

These models are great interactive tools to examine your facility from all sides and positions. Creating these on a monthly, quarterly, or biennial basis will allow you to build a large store of archival data which can be used to verify conditions from specific periods of time, as well as to predict trends such as landfill life, fill rate, compaction, and more.

Our Landfill Monitoring Packages

Available products in our landfill monitoring packages:

  • Orthomosaic image of your facility
  • Google Earth KMZ data package
  • LAS/LAZ survey data for your GIS software
  • Topograhic contour map as PDF
  • 3D model hosted online (as seen above; usable in any web browser)
  • 3D mesh CAD file for your engineering team (OBJ format)
  • Raw photos and videos of your facility from the air

These packages can be tailored for your needs.


When comparing costs, UAVs (or drones) are the clear winner. Our services at K2 Dronotics are cost competitive with ground-based surveying while delivering more results - such as our 3D models and aerial imagery perspective.

When comparing costs versus traditional manned aircraft, our UAV services and data processing are usually around 10X cheaper.


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