Using an entirely aerial process we are able to quickly and safely fly around remote infrastructure capturing images in high definition. These images may then be used on their own for inspection or rendered into 3D CAD models of the areas we flew.

Because our drones are small and able to be packed into remote areas easily, we can more safely and efficiently inspect areas that would otherwise be out of reach for ground equipment and personnel.

Aerial Inspection for Maintenance

Our drones deploy quickly and can be used for first-order visual inspections of hard to reach areas, such as the powerlines across a lake shown above. Save time and money, plus increase safety, by conducting inspections with drones. Prevent wasted man hours on scaffolding or work in hazardous areas by sending our drone in first.

While they cannot turn a wrench, our high resolution cameras can show you exactly what is going on with live ultra high definition video sent back to the ground team.

3D Mesh Point Clouds

Just by flying the drone around the exterior of your building, tower, job site, or other infrastructure we can build a photo-realistic 3D model. We can export it to the web for your team, like the project below, or send the files for you to import into your CAD program of choice.

These are great for site familiarization, work planning, inspections, and surveying the area around your site. Since they are geo-located, we can also measure areas, volumes, and distances of anything in the model.

Click 'play' to load the model and use your mouse to rotate and zoom

3D Model Animation

Our 3D models can also be exported as animated videos, rotating around an object or flying through your site. These help illustrate areas of interest or showcase your infrastructure.

We create our 3D models in conjunction with our other services, such as mapping and orthoimage generation. However, they can be ordered standalone as well, and import easily into existing engineering CAD software or can be 3D printed to showcase or commemorate a project.

Drones for Inspection and Modeling

Our unmanned aerial systems simply the inspection of hard to reach and hazardous areas and save you time and money:

  • Get "eyes in the sky" over rushing rivers, at the top of high towers, and across restricted access areas faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever.
  • Live UHD video is beamed back to base station and can be displayed on a large monitor.
  • Prevent lengthy & costly scaffolding set up and tear down by performing first-cut inspections.
  • Rendered 3D models of your remote infrastructure can be imported into your preferred CAD program, or exported as a PDF and animation.

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