NOAA Auke Bay Laboratory

This summer we flew at Auke Bay for NOAA, gathering high resolution images and performing an aerial survey. It was a rare clear, warm day in Southeast and we took full advantage performing four flights around their facility.

During those flights, we gathered hundreds of high resolution images to be used for:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Communicating the layout of their site
  • Planning of future construction in an adjacent area
  • Roof inspection and viewing

The high resolution imagery was also used to create a 3D point cloud and mesh of the site. This can be used within CAD software such as SolidWorks, Inventor, and NX or imported into traditional GIS software to take measurements and plan future site modifications.

We also created an "orthomap" which is a high resolution map of the site that can be viewed in Google Earth. It sits on top of the Google Earth satellite imagery letting you zoom in farther (such as on individual cars and trees) plus you can take measurements of anything on site right within Google Earth. This is great for planning operations or work on facilities and construction sites.

We completed the flights in about 90 minutes using the drone and were able to build all these products from that data, plus the animated "fly by" video embedded at left, which shows the textures and resolution of our 3D model capability.


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