3D Printing Drone Data

Drone Data Translated to The Real World

You may have seen our NOAA Auke Bay 3D model by now...

...but for this year's Alaska Forum on the Environment we took it to another level. We had this model 3D printed to scale in full color:

This model is printed in color, not painted afterward. This means that each color represented is truly part of the print and won't wear off.

This model is 10 inches long on the longest side, but are available in any size. Using our high-resolution drone data, we can make out small details such as individual cars - which are the size of colored grains of rice in this model!

These printed models are awesome for visualizing your 3D data for engineering & architecture projects, construction, remote sites, and cultural preservation.

More Pictures

 The model at our booth with the Thermal XT Inspire on the monitor!

The model at our booth with the Thermal XT Inspire on the monitor!

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Mapbox + Drone Data

Making Drone Data More Useful

You know that drones are awesome for collecting data. From orthoimages, to digtial surface models, to inspection footage, they are ideal for getting into remote and hard-to-access areas. We've been using them for over a year now in some of the toughest environments in the world to bring back high resolution data for our clients.

However, sharing that data can sometimes be difficult.

Most of our clients interseted in drone data have a background in GIS or CAD. They know they want an ortho or contour data set (in the case of the former) or a point cloud and OBJ model (in the case of the latter).

However, we want our data to be useful to everyone, whether they have experience with GIS or not. To that end, we've been working hard to find new ways to deliver our data and make it actionable. Because what use is a USB drive full of images you won't look at, or a bunch of filetypes you can't open?

Announcing MapBox Integration

So we're excited to announce that we can now deliver your data via MapBox. What is that? Well, it's a powerful online platform that takes geo-spatial data and presents it beautifully on any platform via the web. So whether you are at your desk reviewing data or want to show off the latest progress photos to a client on your phone over lunch, you'll be able to bring our data up quickly.

Check it out below. You can see our awesome high resolution data on top of the old, blurry satellite data that came before:

What Kind of Data Can You Display?

Anything that we gather with the drone, we can show off as a MapBox layer. So our high resolution picture maps will show up right on top of the existing satellite imagery. We can combine those with digital surface models (the colored elevation map seen above), contour lines, and more.

We can also include any other data we gather that has a geospatial component - meaning the sky is the limit. Any sensor we can build or strap to our drone can have its data visualized through this platform.

Check out our data from a NOAA flight we did this summer in this next map:

You can explore and zoom in on the entire site in gorgeous high definition. Imagine tracking remote construction jobs, resource exploration, or planning for new expansion. Because drones are so fast and cost effective, you can have up to the minute data for a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft or satellites.

What's Next?

We're working on adding all sorts of awesome features to make your data more useful to you. The ability to turn layers on and off, such as DSMs and contours, or to change the opacity to see how multiple data sets overlay. We're also working on more advanced tools such as distance & area measurement as well as marking volumetrics - all from your web browser.

Keep in mind - these are all things that we can provide for you now, or which you can do on your own with advanced GIS software. But we believe that making these tools available via the web will help seasoned professionals move faster and help make drone data useful for everyone.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your next aerial inspection, mapping, or imaging job!

Safe landings.

NOAA Auke Bay Laboratory

This summer we flew at Auke Bay for NOAA, gathering high resolution images and performing an aerial survey. It was a rare clear, warm day in Southeast and we took full advantage performing four flights around their facility.

During those flights, we gathered hundreds of high resolution images to be used for:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Communicating the layout of their site
  • Planning of future construction in an adjacent area
  • Roof inspection and viewing

The high resolution imagery was also used to create a 3D point cloud and mesh of the site. This can be used within CAD software such as SolidWorks, Inventor, and NX or imported into traditional GIS software to take measurements and plan future site modifications.

We also created an "orthomap" which is a high resolution map of the site that can be viewed in Google Earth. It sits on top of the Google Earth satellite imagery letting you zoom in farther (such as on individual cars and trees) plus you can take measurements of anything on site right within Google Earth. This is great for planning operations or work on facilities and construction sites.

We completed the flights in about 90 minutes using the drone and were able to build all these products from that data, plus the animated "fly by" video embedded at left, which shows the textures and resolution of our 3D model capability.


Reach out and say hi and let us know how we can help with your facilities management or construction job today. Or as always, you can reach us on social media below: