deploying drones to drive decisions

Our mission is to empower yours. We understand that Alaska is a big, wild, wide-open place and that doing work here is not business as usual. That's where we come in. Whether collecting ultra high definition video or photos; data for remote infrastructure inspections; or aerial 3D modeling; we are committed to executing safe, efficient, and fast missions in hard to reach places across the state of Alaska.

We strive to be the top technical drone operator in remote, off-grid situations to help our clients gather the information they need in new ways. Instead of renting boom lifts and scaffolding for a remote visual inspection, use us to beam quality photos and videos back down to earth. We are constantly working to evaluate and develop new technologies to make working in remote Alaska better.

K2D was founded by two mechanical engineers who believe that we have only scratched the surface of what is possible with these aerial platforms. We are working to build new hardware that will extend our current drones' capability, while also modifying existing platforms to do more than they were originally meant to.

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